A Collection of 30ml travel sizes

Four years ago, when we launched 30ml sizes of Escentric Molecules’ bestselling 01 duo, we said we were bowing to popular demand for something purse (or pocket)-sized. But the mini’s were little beauties in their own right, especially in their anodized aluminium cases: black for Escentric 01, now remade in purple, and gunmetal grey for Molecule 01.Those cases were designed to be keepers. 30ml refills were available.

It’s a rare beauty that can’t be improved on in some way. That’s how Escentric’s 02 and 03 duos came to seem like logical candidates for the 30ml treatment. In keeping with the original ethos, we created a colour co-relative for the Escentric / Molecule pairing, based around the aroma-molecule that determines the character of each duo.