The Story Editions:Celebrating 15 years of Chemistry

As 2006 began, 21st-century fragrance was still waiting to be born. But it wouldn’t have long to wait. A quiet storm was coming to wash away the old and advance the new — one simple, beautiful molecule at a time.

Escentric and Molecule 01 have flooded environs across the globe, set hearts ablaze, and acted as love’s scented language to millions.

So, to mark 15 years of Schoen’s veritable library of nasal erudition, we invite you to continue the conversation we started with you back in 2006 as we launch our Story Editions, #moleculestories. Similar to Geza’s fragrant adventure stories, led by his nose, the wearers of Molecule 01 have dab-handedly generated countless odour-evoked tales over the years that we felt deserved to be told and shared.

We asked, and you sent. Posting over 450 submissions to us in just two weeks, we have rigorously selected 30 of the most off-the-wall, raunchiest, and poetic stories, reproduced here as they appear on the bottles or in text form. Please keep sending us your stories; we truly love reading them. This is but only one Saga we hope to be a whole novelisation of odour-evoked tales.

And so, the time has come to feast your eyes on some of these formidable stories, ‘tis the words of a quindecennial period filled with sensual memories.

EM01 holds a special place in our hearts and yours, we hope too. Here’s to the next 15 years... and beyond

E01 Story Editions

Escentric 01


Celebrating 15 years of chemistry and odour-evoked adventure stories relayed by our 30 Story Editions finalists.

Bask in our signature E01 and M01 fragrances in limited edition bottles.

These bottles reflect the character of the perfume so that each one in the range has an individual design.

M01 Story Editions

Molecule 01

You will find them decorated with a unique story creating statement designs that could easily be mistaken for art.

Be warned: These fragrances are considered a dangerous aphrodisiac, under whose narcotic influence, men and women become intoxicated and infatuated.