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Molecule 02
Molecule 02
Molecule 02
Molecule 02

Molecule 02

  •  Molecule 02 consists of Ambroxan, pure and singular.

    Ambroxan is a crystal-chemical structure identical to the ambrox derived from ambergris. For centuries, ambergris was perhaps the most prized ingredient in perfumery. It is a somewhat mysterious substance expelled by the cachalot or sperm whale, which only attains its fine scent after a long maturation floating in the ocean.

    Ambergris is rarely found these days, and the 'amber' in a modern fragrance will be a lab-created equivalent of some of the aroma-molecules that make up its scent. By far, the finest of these is the nature-identical molecule Ambroxan. Ambergris was always valued for its refinement as well as its sensuality, and this quality persists in Ambroxan.

    Ambroxan was isolated from plant sources in 1950.

    The maximum percentage that can be dissolved in a fragrance compound is 13.5%. Any more, and it begins to crystallise out of the solution. Most fragrances with 'amber' contain 1-2%.

    Molecule 02 is 100% Ambroxan in alcohol and a little water. This is best described as a fresh, almost mineral smoothness, which subtly expands to envelop you in olfactive layers of sensuous, sparkling molecules.

    Please note: We have performed a general modernisation of the packaging introducing our new branding elements and logo. We wanted to retain our trademark design but remix the existing branding in a contemporary way, so there is consistency across the collective line of fragrances. 

  • The Molecule 02 fragrance is radically minimalist. It contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, AMBROXAN™. Those customers who find the Molecule fragrances too subtle may wish to try the Escentric fragrances, which will always have a more powerful diffusion.

  • Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)

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