The sensual resonance of nature

The sensual resonance of nature

What would you do if you wanted to release a second fragrance following your debut of the scent that became a cult phenomenon and revolutionised the world of modern perfumery? This was the question Geza asked himself back in 2007. His answer: EM02.

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Geza Schoen Molecules

To celebrate International Podcast Day, we're back with another unfiltered conversation for the fifth episode of our new Molecast series. Molecasts are an oral history of Escentric Molecules that chart, consult, and dissect different subjects, stitching together the complexities of the perfumery landscape. Joining host Susan Irvine is the founder and renowned perfumer of Escentric Molecules, Geza Schoen.

The duo has previously embarked on discussions that know no bounds surrounding a myriad of topics honing in on specific stories before zooming out to discuss wider talking points.

In this episode, the pair tackle the complexity of molecules, the ethereal nature and olfactory facets of AMBROXAN, the Maceration process, the trilogy of the top notes used, myths surrounding Ambergris, and much, much more.

Here, you'll find yourself inside Geza's maverick brain and its curious ramblings in a podcast that is truly one of a kind.

"I remember exactly when I had my first Ambergris moment. It was summer 94, and I had to do my junior perfumers exam in the firm; I gave myself the topic of Ambergris. So, I visited Hafflauer in Paris, and in those days, they stocked all the Ambergris pieces in one room. They opened the door to the room where they had a concentration of real Ambergris - it was mind-blowing! It was physical; you felt like you were surrounded by this hovering cloud, which sort of pressed you in the nicest way, and it was so touching." - Geza Schoen