Smells like D‑I‑S‑C‑O

The wait is over! Time to DISCOver our new campaign! The story behind our collaboration with BPCC and the drop of our limited edition DISCOvery Sets.

Smells like D‑I‑S‑C‑O



What brings together Escentric Molecules and Beauty Papers Creates Consults is the shared desire to challenge reality.

By responding to the shift towards diversity and fluidity in beauty, culture and art, we aim to express the physicality and the heightened emotion of clubland and disco, proposing alternative versions of society that critique and challenge the status quo. Reimagining a different tomorrow comes from building a new language, undoing and forming new meanings from scratch, and it comes from negation — nihilation.

The space burns with speed and glitter, filled with magnetic bodies grouping and regrouping into new constellations. The hues of chemical substances on Friday night will produce a similar feeling to euphoria, like surrendering to destiny. Dance under shifting disco lights, dance to the moonlit beats hyped on enveloping sounds — the dance floor of infinity with exploding molecule stars.




Molecules whizz across the dance floor at a newly kinetic speed. You can touch sex in the air — erotic scents, an intoxicating drug of art. It's a whiff of Iso E Super. Chemical reaction or intoxication — a moment of ecstasy — a disco night fever.

True to that spirit, we have collaborated with BPCC on a radically imaginative campaign to celebrate the drop of our limited edition DISCOvery Sets. Disco embodies the revolutionary vitality of EM and the subversiveness of BPCC. In this fusion, we strive to create a world that provokes and sets you free from limitations. Disco serves as an act of rebellion and urges us to see beyond the established, flipping the old rules on their head and repurposing them into a forward-gazing disco inferno.



Will you be RSVPing yes to our cult disco?

To mark the launch of our Escentric Molecules DISCOvery Sets, we wish to physically manifest and celebrate the sensuality of the fragrances by capturing the heady emotion of disco, proposing a niche subset of the phenomenon.

Modern and pulsing chaos, physical yet abstract, capturing the heat of the bodies in motion. Disco stripped back to the skin, glitter, bodies, and liberation, creating a deluge of gender-fluid icons that vocalise and visualise the Escentric and Molecule, elements of our brand DNA.




Escentric Molecules merges art and chemistry, yet our playground is neither a laboratory nor a museum. It's the nightclubs. Why? Art galleries and laboratories have too many restraints; don't touch this, don't do that, follow a specific pathway, behave in a certain way. Yet, we see the potential and a solution in transforming life into a work of art, reconstructing the everyday into something more visceral, elegant and uncompromising. Perhaps, it's our survival response — a performative rebellion. The Escentric antidote to the mundane — moving to the disco beat.

Escentric and Molecule share the disco stage represented in two different colours...

Escentric = Physical & Gold
Molecule = Abstract & Silver


The Escentric fragrances highlight the unique character of the aroma-molecule with ingredients chosen to bring out the molecule's key facets, marking nature's beauty through fresh interpretations of much-loved notes. So far, so chemical. Now, here's the hype — fragrances that aren't fuelled by lunar exotic boring florals and are instead charged with originality.

Pure and singular, the Molecule fragrances are radically minimalist and celebrate the chemical scents that make up the bulk of perfumes in their own right. Geza wanted to take a conceptual approach to olfactory creativity and innovate at a molecular level by reducing a fragrance down to its essential elements. Effects, not fragrances, where a single note aroma-chemical gives the most dynamic results: freshness and sex appeal. These moody beauties all hold a web of multifarious meanings, definitions and sensations.



A new era of nightlife

The Escentric Molecules X BPCC campaign is an ode to the spirit of Studio 54, which felt at once nostalgic and distinctly modern. At Escentric Molecules, we felt drawn to Studio 54's nonpareil ownership of the night and insubordination.

Studio 54 was visionary and famously secretive, much like Escentric Molecules. Ahead of the times, Studio 54 dictated both the disco-grunge mood and delivered high disco glamour in unbridled excess contained behind the hallow walls of a club lit by a dazzling disco ball. We wanted to riff on this as we recognised the many parallels between Studio 54 and Escentric Molecules.

We proposed to put a modern twist on Studio 54 and turn the everyday into a sensorial disco of infectious scented energy.

Geza doesn't just focus on the end-product of the Escentric Molecules fragrances; he analyses their social and artistic function. At EM, we embrace individuality and want people to champion their identity by not changing costumes but by creating head-swivelling, buzzy fragrances brimming with character and unbeholden to gender distinctions that people can truly call their own. Fragrances liberated from preconceptions of identity and form, inducing individuality and eschewing boring fragrance fanfare.



Take them out. Smell them in

Whether it's evoking old memories or shaping new ones, few products are as timeless as fragrance. So, retire your sequin ensembles, get your sparkle on and emblazon your body with molecule crystals. But which one to buy? Enter: the Escentric and Molecule DISCOvery Sets, complete with either five Escentric or five Molecule offerings in 8.5ml vials. These DISCOvery Sets are disco-ready by design and allow you to experience every part of the Escentric Molecules disco before choosing your favourite track.

If you are polygamous in scent, play the field and purchase both sets!

To reclaim your surreal freedom, click the link below to purchase your Escentric and/or Molecule DISCOvery Set and start exploring sensations of ephemeral yet disruptive scents now.

DISCLAIMER: We only have a small number of these limited edition DISCOvery Sets available for just one week, so time is ticking on the DiscO'clock. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Follow the call of the disco ball. In other words, it’s time to #smellme


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