Escentric Synaesthesia

We break the enigma of the multilinearity of the EM fragrances by revealing the kaleidoscopic ecosystem of neuroperfumery.

Escentric Synaesthesia



The Escentric World was born out of a desire to see, touch, and feel. A world explored only through senses.

We have learned to cut ourselves off from our senses. The world is awash with colours and abuzz with unheard frequencies, but we only see a tiny portion of the visible spectrum and hear the loudest of sounds. Yet, these inaccessible realms hold the very codes to our existence, the electromagnetic foundations upon which our reality rests.

The Escentric World is discovered only through senses, empowering limitations, and expanding vision within borders. We want to delve into the world of synaesthesia, and shift reality by seeing, hearing and smelling every object, thought, and emotion. Synaesthesia, in this meaning, is a connection to consciousness.



We want you to pull an olfactory veil around your mind. Rediscover the world around you, but let it be of different nature. Let it run on Escentric Electricity:

Walk through the streets that emit the precise odour of a cosmic ray
Travel on a train that smells like fresh moonflowers
And when you gaze at the horizon, detect the aroma of the Milky Way...

We dip into that world by examining the science and art behind our perception. We distil various senses to their essence to better understand the dynamics of the self. In this intense sensory connection, we look at synaesthesia in all its guises: seen through the lens of olfactory contemporary art, spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience.



There's nothing quite like fragrance when it comes to whisking us to a certain time or place. Our spring campaign is the aesthetic aspiration toward borderlessness, revealing immersive proximities of sensory modality. We talk about a hypnotic beat of olfactory-colours flinging, creating an organic synthesis of senses with unsurpassable power to evoke memories and stir our emotions.

What if you could see and feel the things you can only detect through smell?
What if you could smell EM01 and feel fire against your skin,
or get a sniff of EM04 and get soaked in the rain that caresses your face,
or catch the scent of EM05 and see the herbal garden on a Mediterranean island?



For our colour campaign, we transform EM fragrances into works of art, where immersion is all. Each of our fragrances is visualised through a shifting colour palette signifying different meanings and their mediating roles. By doing so, we break the rules of the monogamous notion of scent.



Every fragrance Geza has composed is robed in its own special hue, running through all the tints of the spectrum. Colour, similarly to scent, holds a mysterious power to act on every part of the human body; it's an endless fantasy of multisensorial overload. Shift the spectrum of your reality with our series of EM fragrances, unspoiled by meaning, unallied with definite form, in a constant flux, which speaks to the soul in a thousand different ways.

Knowledge begins with the senses.

Read our articles, written by colour theorists and industry leaders, which explore this multisensory language that elicits physical, emotional, and mental reactions in us. And then, rediscover our kaleidoscopic collection of Escentric fragrances.

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