Digital Naturals

#christEMas celebrates nature's beauty and singularity by rendering it in a man-made, digital landscape, presenting a transcendental image of nature and humanity. Just like EM explores the scents of nature through lab-created, synthetic molecules.

Digital Naturals

#christEMas steps into a Virtual Universe, collaborating with six CGI humans, celebrating their synthetic nature and computer-encoded personalities. #christEMas is far from outmoded idealism in the traditional sense, instead celebrating the spectrum of individuality.


"In an age of posthumanist aspirations weaving humans and technology increasingly closer, one might question where a person begins and ends. What is a person? What delimits their personhood over time and across platforms? Per the legendary feminist Judith Butler, identity is formed through ongoing construction, through actions of everyday life, rather than the biological body. So where does that place us in a world where our lives, identities, and likeness are evermore melded into technology? Virtual avatars, in all their 3D CGI glory, particularly when intended as a representation of a 'real' flesh-and-blood human, are a perfect example.



These avatars and their environments are dynamic and embodied experiences. They are not objective or autonomous. The avatars are drawn from and closely connected to real people, with lives and communities." –– Ezmusgita



The Escentric Molecules fragrances centre around lab-created or nature-identical synthetic molecules. The molecules we choose for our minimalist fragrances are nuanced, complex, and, in many ways, much like natural extracts.

Similarly, in today's increasingly digitised world, URL has sprawled into an ecosystem of its own; cyber landscapes are as complex, refined and unique as natural landscapes. The shifting tides of rapidly evolving technology and the dawn of Web 3.0 are pushing forward the ideas of ultra-connectivity and ubiquity, writing new rules for digital existence.


"One of the values of CG technology is that its possibilities are endless. So, I see it expanding the possibility of uniqueness in every aspect. You can look like anything and anyone without physical limitations. In fact, how do we know we are actually living in the 'real' world?" –– Zinn



#christEMas taps into a new breed of humans, virtual influencers and their digital legacies to propose an ultra-futuristic and interconnected vision for the holiday season. It spans countries and continents, celebrating individualities and differences, bringing virtual humans together in the EM snowscapes. The message? Celebrating uniqueness and individuality, be it IRL or URL.


"When technology exceeds to mimic nature, there will be harmony. When they work together, there could be a synergy for all the senses.

CG technologies enable us to celebrate eccentricity because it feels like nobody you've ever met before. You can be a gigantic troll with a crystal heart or a fiery unicorn that blows a snowstorm. CG makes it possible to be whoever I want to be. Like my super self. And every self is a super self in their unique nature." –– Robin



#christEMas is set in digital snowscapes. Because what is more distinct than a snowflake? Nature-inspired geometries — a secret symmetry: the outward expression of an inward geometry of frozen molecules of water. Each snowflake is a cluster of individual ice crystals. Under the microscope, each minuscule crystal is colourless and transparent. But the real wonder is that no two crystals are precisely alike. A snowstorm is a delirium of hexagons — the work of a master animator, as are digital humans.

#christEMas forefronts our cult-favourite Molecule line, which follows a simple formula — aroma-molecules, bottled pure and singular. It all starts with a single aroma-molecule and melded with your retrospective skin signature; it creates an irrevocably addictive scent impression: subtle yet powerful, indelible and undeniable. Like snow, it starts with a single flake before becoming a powerful, compelling force that can both beautify and mesmerise.



"@polishboy08 is the first Polish cyber influencer born in 2018 in Warsaw as an avatar of his anonymous creator. For #christEMas, his persona was revived into a fully 3D, rigged body with a new smell and tattoos — layers of identities to mirror that of Escentric Molecules fragrances. As Cashmeran has an unusually complex character for a single molecule, so is @polishboy08's reborn persona –– free from the constraints of the physical world." — @polishboy08



Radically minimalist fragrances from our Molecule line treat the human body as a literal landscape upon which personal scent stories unfold, creating an aroma assemblage that blends with the wearer's skin. These never-done-before rule-bending concoctions are more about creating a feeling than a scent, adding to the atmosphere of the wearer's unique olfactory fingerprint. EM fragrances will amplify your aromatic identity, adding the sense of something intangible yet alluringly hedonistic to your bouquet.


"There are so many physical limitations that can hold back our imagination. Unlocking 3D technologies can lead to art that was once seemingly impossible.

Using AI, we generated landscapes using prompts containing key aspects of the brand's identity, along with words associated with each fragrance. This was the jumping point for our inspiration. Exploring these generated alien worlds, we imagined Shudu ethereally walking across them, covered in crystallised EM lettering." –– Shudu


Cyber scent desires; Molecules spliced with currents of wires; Binary tides of snow leading us to the #christEMas shore.

Veer away from traditional gifts this holiday season! Gift Molecules, pure and singular, an olfactory ticket to the EM snowscapes. Unbounded by gender norms and expectations, our Molecule fragrances intermingle with the unique scentscape of the wearer, acting as an olfactory backdrop onto which any identity can be projected.

Smell the fragrance of your uniqueness and imbibe the virtual flavours and aromas of our pixel-plotted, scent-permeated virtual world of futuristic perfumery.


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