What makes Iso E Super so super?
Geza Schoen analyses the sensual superpowers of the mysterious Molecule 01.

– Iso E Super is like a drug. When you smell it you want more instantly. The more you are given the more you want. You can never have enough.

– It’s brought alive by the warmth of the body. It blossoms on the skin, adding a velvety radiance to your own individual scent signature. You want to nestle into it, it’s sensual, cocooning.

– It has a strange almost mystical aspect. When you are wearing Molecule 01 you have an aura that everyone around you detects, but you yourself can’t smell it. Every couple of hours it re-surfaces and you can smell it again. Then it vanishes once more, tantalising you. This gives it a mysterious quality, though it’s simply down to the physical structure of the molecule.

– The attraction of Iso E Super is universal. The appeal of most aromas is culturally determined. So while in one part of the world people like fruity scents, in another part of the world they don’t. But we’ve never found any culture anywhere that is not attracted to Iso E Super. That’s one of the cool things about this molecule.

– In cooking there is no magic ingredient, but in perfumery there is Iso E Super. Nothing else is needed. It’s as if basil were enough to make a bowl of pasta perfect on its own. But when you add basil to pasta you also need to add salt and pepper and olive oil to make it all come together. The sufficiency of Iso E Super is really surprising and rare in perfumery. There are very few molecule out there that smell so great on their own.

– It doesn’t have to be solo. Yes it is great on its own but it has an incredible effect on other aromatics when blended in a formula. It lifts them on its wings and carries them into the air.

– It just smells so unbelievably good. It has the sophistication of an aromatic wood, but then it also has an animalic note, something feral yet pure – like a touch of fresh sexy sweat exuding from clean skin and immediately evaporating into the air. There is nothing like it.